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In its early years, porn was strictly produced and distributed by professionals. But since the development and mass commercialization of camcorders, a new possibility of porn content has emerged, the sex amateur. The sex amateur recording and displaying was made possible when regular people (mainly in developed countries) had gain easy access to new technologies. While camcorders had given to amateur the possibility to shoot their own amateur sex scenes, the internet had brought the chance to show the world sex amateur movies at low cost.

Today, sex amateur is one of the major porn categories. Many sex amateur websites are created all the time. The sex amateur websites base their resources on the videos sent by the registered members. Some sex amateur websites organize awards to choose the best sex amateur videos ever made. Other sex amateur websites pay you for the sent video. The reasons behind why people send their own productions may vary. Some people enjoy the exposure and the relative fame that can come from the sex amateur websites.

The bad side of the business is that many sex amateur videos are actually stolen or secretly sent. Some famous sex amateur videos are the celebrity’s sex videos, such as the Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee or the Paris Hilton video. These are examples of homemade videos that ended up showed online as sex amateur movies.

However, many sex amateur movies are actually fake productions. Once the demand is far greater than the supply, many professional producers work on fake sex amateur movies. They usually use simple and effective tools to simulate sex amateur productions. They can use either poor lightening or blur effects, no make up or anything that can give to the shooting a more realistic aspect.

Recently, a sex amateur movie filmed by a mobile phone generated controversy. A 17 year girl and a 21 year boy filmed their own sexual relation. The movie became an internet phenomenon with thousands of people searching for it.

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