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While the pornography industry is going more and more unilateral showing lust in diverse ways, the primordial eroticism has its roots in literature.

Since ancient times and until today, there is a huge number of porno literatures; which has in its content more details and the emotional part is not left behind.

High-detailed and describing stories with sexual content, the porno literature uses the readers' imagination to create figures, bodies, characters' look and the ambient - In opposite of what is going on today, principally with the internet's advent, that is saturating the World Wide Web with lots of specific videos and photos, for all preferences.

Having a particular taste, by typing it on the great search engines, people are able to find, from different sources, material to please themselves.

In spite of this, there are too, many websites hosting sexual stories for those who enjoy reading and leading your own imagination while masturbating, to instance few.

Sexual stories can be very helpful arousing the reader, and it can be presented in different ways, like Erotic Fiction - the great majority of sexual stories - that nearly never come near the best standards of mainstream literature. It's sold at bookstores and always within low-budget price-range.

The Internet Fiction is found on the web, where most sex narratives are free and sourced by titles, inside preference's galleries and short normally.

The world-wide known Sex Manuals containing techniques, little tales, and sex positions are very well sold.

The most famous - Kamasutra - written a long time ago, has a helpful and detailed content about sex and its variations.

Yet, there are those titled as "veridical sex stories" written by ordinary people decided to popularize their own sexual experiences.

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