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The woman had historically been taught to repress her sexual impulse. The woman sex was a taboo issue even in the eastern world throughout centuries. Although the feminist revolution had changed the woman sex role in the society after the 1960ís, we still face the subject treated wrongfully.

From times to times, the society needs historical breaks thru revolutions to dramatically change and try to make a better human life on earth. But unfortunately, some issues keep running under the surface. The repression of woman sex is one of these issues.

To help combat this woman sex narrow approach many researchers and activists had written celebrating the woman sex.

The truth is that woman sex and sexuality is far more complex than menís. While men tend to be easily attracted and stimulated to sex, woman sex needs a ritual to be exercised at all. Woman sex takes into consideration things like intimacy, fantasy, romance, emotional security and much more. Woman sex is not moved simply by desire, yet many factors had changed. Actually, the young girls seem no longer ashamed to express and practice woman sex. Anyway, they still act differently than men when it comes to sexuality.

Sex has to do with health. So, any woman who searches a healthier life must try to deal properly with woman sex. Knowledge is the key for a successful woman sex life.

The woman must learn to know her own body. No woman can satisfy someone else if she is not satisfied herself. Self esteem is a first step towards satisfactory woman sex.

The next thing is the communication. The woman sex must be surrounded by communication. It can be hard to share your intimate thoughts and desires with someone else. But you have to find a way to express your woman sex feelings without hurting your sexual partner.

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